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e-Brio™ Digital Brinell Scope

The e-Brio is a high-quality Brinell scope that automatically calculates digital Brinell test results from measuring Brinell indentations - at the operator's press of a button. No longer do the Brinell results depend on skilled operator measurements, no longer do measurements shift when a new operator starts eyeballing the indentation. Everything is fast, automatic, and accurate.
  • Automatically measures Brinell indentations to a resolution of 0.01 mm at the press of a button
  • Eliminates operator error - the most significant cause of variation in Brinell test results
  • Brinell measurements are automatically stored and statistical calculations can be generated
  • The e-Brio can measure indentations for STE Pin Brinell test results.
The eBrio microscope automatically stores Brinell data Brinell optical scanning system detects the edges of the indentation
The Brinell microscope software automatically stores the data with diameter, hardness value, a value converted to a (selected scale, and up to 5 tolerance factors. The built-in Brinell optical scanning system software automatically detects the edge of the indentation and draws a ring around it, then calculates the diameter.

Standard Components
  • Tablet, Laptop or Desktop computer with Windows 7
  • Windows 7 based Brinell microscope software
  • Scanning head with internal LED lighting and USB connector
  • High resolution camera
  • Test block with reference indentation
  • Connection Cables
  • Operator Manual

The eBrio Brinell scope and computer for digital Brinell

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